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Logic question, do I need CPT?

  • My form:

    I want to use this form to store the values input by a user in the DB then display the data below the form after doing some math on the data.

    Is there a way I can do this exclusively with ACF or will I need to incorporate Custom Post Types as well?

  • ACF basically needs some type of post to store values to. It could possibly be done with an options page in ACF Pro if you’ve got a limited number of values. But if you’re going to have a lot of entries that all need to be calculated separately then you’re going to be better off setting up a CPT in order to keep them all separate and organized.

  • So the CPT would allow my users to have access to calculator submissions going forward? And, each users submissions would only be viewable by that user, not all the other members correct?

  • Well, you could probably set it up that way, it would take a bit of work to only allow users to see there own posts. There are several ways to accomplish this in WP, but you’d need to look into that more. But basically, unless you’re only going to have a singe set of values for the calculations, you’re going to need someplace for ACF to store values and ACF only stores values withing the current system created by WP which means posts. If you want to store them in some other way then ACF might be the wrong tool to use.

  • Good information John, I appreciate it.

    I think as long as I can get every calculator submission by any user in the database and be able to run some queries on that data, that would accomplish what I need.

    It sounds like using a CPT would do that.

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