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Location select page from custom post type

  • I have a site with custom post types. I can set the location of a custom field to be one of those post types themselves (so the custom field appears on all pages of that post type), but can’t see a way to select a specific page that exists under that post type.

    I’m presuming this is either really obvious or there’s something custom in my theme overriding this (though I’ve checked in two different sites and the behaviour is the same).

    What I’d expect in Location:
    I choose “Page” “is equal to” and I see Pages and Custom Post Types
    I choose “Post Type” “is equal to” a specific post type, then choose and “Page” “is equal to” and see only the pages of that custom post type.

    What I see is only Pages.

    I’m pretty sure this worked in the past. Am I missing something here? Do I need to add something to functions? (Using the latest ACF PRO.)

  • Hi @frances,

    If i’m understanding correctly, you want to display the fieldgroup under a specific post / custom post type?

    The location rule you’re looking for is the “Post is equal to” rule. That will list all post of your custom post types and the built in Post post type.

  • Hi @scheurta

    ah, yeah! ok, that’s exactly it. Somehow I thought because the custom post types are ‘capability_type’ => ‘page’, ‘hierarchical’ => true I’d find them under pages. I would have never looked under ‘Post is equal to’, thanks!

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