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Location Rule: Widget Area

  • Hi,

    Now that widgets are a viable location, it would be nice to be able to add a rule as to which widget area the widget with the custom field is located.

    Best regards,
    – Kristian Korsgaard

  • Hi @avatar1301

    Hmm… This would be a cool feature.

    I have popped in a feature request for Elliot to look into it.


  • Hi @avatar1301

    I’m not sure I understand what you mean by ‘widget area’.

    Can you please elaborate more on this?


  • By “Widget Area” i mean the sidebar you register, when using register_sidebar. In other words, the area of which you drop the widgets in the control panel.

    For example: You have two sidebars on the website, one to the right and one at the bottom. Both use the search widget, but you only want an ACF on one of the two widgets.

    – Kristian Korsgaard

  • Hi @avatar1301

    A field group can be assigned to a widget, not a weidget area.

    Within a widget area you can add widgets.

    This means that in area 1, you can add widget 1, and in widgte area 2 you can add widget 2.

    Widget 1 can have ACF fields attached, and widget 2 can not have ACF fields attached

    Hope that helps.


  • Would also like to see this feature as you can currently target different menus in different menu locations so why not widget areas?

    Example : If i create a shortcode function for use in different widget areas using a text or HTML widget and want to use values for each field which are different in each widget area.

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