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Location rule of Field Group and Repeaters

  • Hello! I have searched and can’t find anyone asking this. Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way:

    I have a Field Group that contains 7 checkboxes (each checkbox is for a different DB product).

    I want this Field Group to show up in my Repeater rows/copies. I can get it to show up in my Repeater once, attached to the main Repeater parent object but I want to add it to each row of the group of subfields. The idea is that I have a repeater that can render a product card/tile with info etc and I want to be able to choose from a list of DBs from the aforementioned Field Group.

    I can do this by adding a new subfield to the repeater, but this isn’t adding the main Field Group I created to the repeater. If we change the list of 7 databases we have available, then I would have to change this in every block that has a repeater with the choices.

    I’d like to have a main Field Group that uses the location rule to show up in the repeater rows so any block that has this kind of repeater can be updated from the field group instead of each separate block that has this kind of repeater.

    I thought I could use taxonomies for the Location Rule but it looks like that also only gets attached once to the main repeater parent and not each repeat/row/group-of-subfields.

    Is this possible or will I have to just recreate my choices in each block that has a repeater? (maybe a repeater is not what I should be using?). Thank you!

  • After more experimenting, (and finding another article in these forums on the Flexible Content object) I found that I can use the Flexible Content object with a Clone instead.

    Now, I have field groups called, “prototype – Zig-zag” and “prototype – Filter Nav” etc as well as “prototype – Filter by Databases” etc so now I can make a new Flexible Content object, and add a clone to that that uses the fields from my prototypes. Now I can modify the “prototype – Filter by Databases” checkbox choices and it will update the checkbox choices in all the other objects where I cloned that field.

    tldr; The Repeater object was probably the wrong object for me to use in this use case.

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