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Location rule : Load field group based on select value?

  • I have created 5 different field groups. Each contains data for different content types:

    Floor Plans
    Neighborhood Map

    Now I want to make a select menu (accessed from side of any new page) with following values and tie it in location rules. The idea is when you select a value it changes the field group which is loaded on that page… kind of the same way it works with page templates (i’m just using 1 template so cannot do it with templates).

    My select is called “template”:

    floorplan : Floor Plans
    map : Neighborhood Map
    interiors : Interiors
    gallery : Gallery
    content : Editorial Content

    Anyone know if this is even possible or how to go about it?

  • You can’t set location rules base on a select field in another field group.

    but you can use a custom taxonomy, you could call it “Page Type”. This would work just like a “Category” for Posts and you can have the field groups locations set based on the taxonomy terms.

  • Thanks John.

    I found 2 things in my search just now:

    1. ACF 4 – Meta rule plugin works well

    2. ACF 5 – Like John said:
    – I made a taxonomy called “template”
    – and taxonomy field that updates the post terms on each page
    – then “post taxonomy” is equal to “template type” on template field groups

    Works like a charm!

  • I’ve seen the plugin you mentioned before but since it has not been updated in a while and I’m not too sure if it will work with ACF5, I haven’t tried it. I’ve book marked the plugin because this feature is something that’s been requested a few times and if I have time in the future I may dig through it to see if it’s something that difficult to get done.

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