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Location Plugin Installation

  • Hello,

    I am attempting to install the location plugin add-on but do not see the new field in the ‘Field Type’ section after installation and activation. I’ve also tried manually installing it, adding the code to the theme function.php and plugin.php file with no luck. Any ideas?

  • Hi @anthonygonzales

    Unfortunately, I’m not the developer on this one. Can you post this on the github repo?


  • I had the same problem, but I got it to install properly. Just download the plugin directly from the repo and install that version.

  • Hey guys,

    Thank you for the response. You were right @easydevtuts, the WordPress plugin install information is different from the GitHub repo documentation. I did a manual install by altering my functions.php and was able to get the location field to work correctly.

  • Yep, I’m having same problem. I guess part of the problem is to do with my expectations because the Location add-on appears within my admin section for ACF’s other premium add ons, with an explicit button marked ‘download’.

    I actually installed the Location plugin like any other plugin via WP but with the notable exception that it doesn’t actually work!

    I just wish devs would keep up with this as it just wastes everyone’s time.

    Yeah, I know it’s free but my time isn’t free 😉

    Anyway, here’s hoping Elliot will take it under his wing and include it in ACF, or even better and package it up as a premium add-on?

    I’d certainly buy it 😉

  • Hi guys

    Just so you know.

    v4.3 is about to be released (you can find it on github – very stable!) and it comes with a brand new google maps field!

    Check it out, you won’t be disappointed


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