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Location = "Nowhere"

  • Don’t know if this would be useful to anyone else, but I find myself in a situation where I’d like to set a field group to not display anywhere. I’ve been thinking about how I could add by creating custom location rules, but I’m not sure by reading the setup of a custom location rule if I could make that work. I can achieve this by creating impossible rules like “Post Type = Post AND Post Type = Page”

  • This Works

    add_filter('acf/location/rule_values/post_type', 'acf_location_rules_values_post_type');
    function acf_location_rules_values_post_type($choices) {
      $choices['none'] = 'None of the Above';
      return $choices;
    add_filter('acf/location/rule_match/post_type', 'acf_location_rules_match_none', 10, 3);
    function acf_location_rules_match_none($match, $rule, $options) {
      return -1;
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