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Location Field Map Suffers From Potential Misclicks

  • Hi ACF folks,

    My company bought ACF’s Location Field addon and we’re using on a site where some non-technical users will update backend content. Our concern is that a left (mis)click could potentially set a location’s address to something other than what was typed into the address field. Is it possible something could be coded to disallow a map click to set addresses? We are using just the address field, though we enjoy the visual confirmation the Google Map provides.

    A map ‘lock’ of sorts would be helpful, to save the blissfully unaware from themselves.


    Ansel Taft

  • Hi @Ansel

    Thanks for the request. I’ll add this to the to-do and have a think about adding in a click setting.

    Just so you know, your company did not buy the location field add-on. It is part of the core free plugin.


  • Terribly sorry, I thought it was a paid addon. I know my boss ended up buying repeater field and one other…

    Sounds good!

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