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Local JSON in plugin not load

  • I’ve a problem with local json and i don’t know, it is a bug.

    I did everything that is on this page:
    But the own folder was used only for saving and not for loading.
    It works only in the master theme – not in my child-themes.

    So I put it in a plugin. Here is my code:

    But it is the same. ACF saves the JSON, but an other installation don’t read this file.

    Where is my mistake?

      // save jsonwith fields
      function bks_acf_json_save_point( $path ) {
        // update path
        $path = plugin_dir_path( __DIR__ ) . '/acf-json';
        // return
        return $path;
      // load json with fields
      function bks_acf_json_load_point( $paths ) {
        // append path
        $paths[] = plugin_dir_path( __DIR__ ) . '/acf-json';
        // return
        return $paths;
      add_filter('acf/settings/save_json', 'bks_acf_json_save_point');
      add_filter('acf/settings/load_json', 'bks_acf_json_load_point');

    I also tried the PHP variant. Everything is displayed correctly, but the repeat fields are not saved.

    • Beee

    • February 18, 2018 at 1:49 am

    You need to add the following line to the load function because only 1 path may exists per load/save.


    That being said, I think you should look into the issue why it’s not loading from the other site, because this is the default behaviour and should work, so something is blocking it.

  • Hello @beee,

    this didn’t solve the problem.

    I have removed this line, because the json from the template is also not loaded any more.

    Thanks for the try.

    • Beee

    • February 18, 2018 at 2:45 am

    Well, according to the local json info page, it needs to be unset, so that was step 1.

    What if you dump $paths in the save function ? What does it output ?

  • I do not think so. The info page says that the folder “acf-json” is one of the load points. If you look in the code of ACF, then you see that there are many folders possible. With unset I remove one of these load points. But that is not, what i want. I want many load points.

    In the plugin i want to load the fields for all my sites. In the theme i want to load the fields for a special page.

    Please have also a look at the comment over the line with unset
    // remove original path (optional)
    I don’t want to remove this path. I will use it, too.

    And how i said: It didn’t solve the problem.

    If i use var_dump in acf_json_load_point nothing would be displayed.

    • Beee

    • February 18, 2018 at 2:59 am

    You are right, I stand corrected.

    Have you tested with a higher or lower priority ?

    add_filter('acf/settings/load_json', 'bks_acf_json_load_point', 1);

    add_filter('acf/settings/load_json', 'bks_acf_json_load_point', 20);

  • Actually var_dump did a job for me within my function, and in my case revealed that plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ) was providing a url ending with / so my constructed path of:

    plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ) . ‘/acf-json’

    (which similar to yours above skrabbel features a / in the final part) was producing an erroneous // in the URL.

    ….frustratingly though this hasn’t resolved my issue (which has similar symptoms to the above – filtering load_json within a plugin failing to then implement the field (group) ), and the above prioritizing doesn’t either.

  • I’m having issues with the synchronization feature as well. The save point works fine. The files get stored in the right place and update each time I save a group. The sync available option, however, does not appear as predicted after I pull relevant changes from my repo onto my other machine (which, in fact, has no field groups in its DB). Neither does the option appear on the original machine after I edit the files directly. I even incremented the modified property.

    These are my save and load points:

    add_filter('acf/settings/save_json', 'p2c_acf_json_save_point');
    function p2c_acf_json_save_point( $path ) {
        $path = plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) . 'fields/acf-json';
        return $path;
    add_filter('acf/settings/load_json', 'p2c_acf_json_load_point');
    function p2c_acf_json_load_point( $paths ) {
        $paths[] = plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) . 'fields/acf-json';
        return $paths;

    Permissions on the directory are writeable. I use username:www-data as owner:group in my local environment with 775 permissions.

    I also tried adjusting the priority of the filters to no effect. plugin_dir_path() already provides the trailing slash and I verified that the correct directory is pushed to $paths (and the default removed).

    Any ideas?

    • nevma

    • September 15, 2019 at 11:33 pm

    We are having similar issues, but from within a theme. It is like the filter acf/settings/load_json never fires from within functions.php. Even if we put a PHP exit call in the function nothing happens.

  • If your filter is not running then the likely causes are:

    1) Your add_filter('acf/settings/load_json' ..... line of code is never running

    2) Your add_filter('acf/settings/load_json', ..... line of code is run after the hook has fired.

    So the question is “When” is the filter being added?

    • nevma

    • September 16, 2019 at 12:55 am

    I just found the solution to the problem. My hooks were registered in the functions.php but I did it after having called get_field() a little bit earlier. Calling get_field() initialises ACF and thus the hooks were useless afterwards.

    Seems so simple now, but was quite hard to grasp…

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