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Local JSON in child-themes?

  • Hey,

    I was trying to setup ACF to use local JSON instead of the database. I’ve followed the instructions and I believe I have everything setup correctly. Still, when I add or save an existing ACF group nothing gets written into that folder.

    Im using a Genesis child-theme, so my main suspicion is that this feature isn’t compatible with that scenario. Anyone knows this for sure?

  • Even I face the same problem with Twentysixteen Child theme.

    I tried the filters mentioned in, but this doesn’t solve the problem.

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • Ahh, I figured it out myself. Change the ownership of the acf-json to www-data:www-data. This solved the problem for me.

    If you’re curious, www-data is a user/group set created specifically for web servers.

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