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Local JSON in admin (roadmap?)

  • Any idea when that might be happening?

    We have multiple developers working on our sites, and it’ll be a massive improvement for us when it does.

    Trying to get a sense of whether we should invest time in a temporary technical solution or just deal with the hassle of manually importing all the field groups when changes need to be made until the core fix is available to use.


  • The wp-admin field group edit screen will not load data from local json files. This functionality will hopefully soon make itโ€™s way into the plugin.

    Manually editing field settings within a local json file will not be visible when editing the field group within the wp-admin edit screen, but will be visible when entering or loading data.

  • Hi @mattbeck

    I don’t have a time frame for adding this feature. Although it seems quite simple, the solution is quite complex and will take a lot of time.

    For now, I would consider building some kind of ‘sync’ button which would read all the json files and import any new fields / field groups.

    You can find most of the code needed in the core/json.php file


  • That functionality would be great if it would be possible to sync without losing data associated with fields that get updated.

  • Hi,

    i set up a little tool so sync up fields from JSON for developers, while it will keep reading it from JSON in production environment.
    You basically just need to update the field version constant whenever you update a field group, and next time someone pull code from your repo, fields from JSON are imported back in DB for further editing.
    check it here :

    any improvement to this workflow would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @thomascharbit

    Nice. I did something similar, but baked it into a WP Admin page. User hits the page in the tools menu, pushes a button and the sync runs.

  • That’s cool ! I was too lazy to write a UI for this..
    Do you have this code available somewhere ? Or as a plugin ? That would be great to see !

  • +1 this feature would be really handy.

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