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[Local Json] Exclude specific groups

  • It seems, that WPAllImport is not able to update ACF fields, when they are created via local json. Since I have a lot of different groups on my site and local json is very practical here, is it possible to exclude some specific groups from getting loaded via local json so that they will still work with WPAI? Deleting them in the directory would be one way, but they are getting automatically recreated if I’m saving them in the backend again.

    Or can I define different saving points for specific groups only and then ignore this path on loading, so this group will not get loaded via json and still be handled normally?

  • Their addon seems to have some more problems, took me several frustrating hours now. Solution is:

    Deactivate their ACF Field Addon and simply add the field names in the custom field section instead of mapping them with the acf groups directly. And also remember to change the fields, that should get updated on each import (switch from acf to normal custom fields and add the field names).

    This will also work with fields, that are created via json.

    Thread can be closed then. Thanks!

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