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Loading Acf_Form via AJAX Call

  • I’m currently loading an ACF_FORM() via an ajax call and I’ve added in the ‘acf.do_action(‘append’, $(‘#profile-form’));’ call but the TinyMce Editor isn’t loading properly. The Visual / Text butons do nothing as well as the Add Media / Add Gallery buttons. Everything else like the repeaters do work though.

    The form being used on the front end to make the ajax call is being loaded by a shortcode so I can’t just add acf_form_head() to the header of the page because I don’t know which page is going to have the form on it if that makes sense.

    Any thoughts on how to get the TinyMCE editor field to load up properly would be greatly appreciated.

    	type: 'POST',
    	url: vimm_directory_ajax.ajaxurl,
    	data: {
    		'action' : 'load_user_data',
    		'profile' : profile_id,
    		'password' : profile_pass
    	success:function(data) {
                    acf.do_action('append', $('#profile-form'));
    	error: function(errorThrown){
  • Disregard I found the issue, I wasn’t loading acf_enqueue_uploader(); on the page but it’s now being called and everything works.

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