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Load value based on the post's terms doesn't work

  • I upload a custom post type including a custom taxonomy (with multiple terms) as concept. This custom taxonomy is linked to a custom taxonomy field. The custum taxonomy field is shown as a checkbox and I have ticked “Load value based on the post’s terms and update the post’s terms on save”. Up to version 4.4.0 the custom taxonomy field did get the custom taxonomy terms checked as expected in accordance with the custom taxonomy terms. In version 4.4.1 and 2 the custom taxonomy field does not show the terms checked and on save the terms disappear also in the custom taxonomy(as might be expected because no term in the custom field is checked).
    I would like to to have the “Load value based on the post’s terms” functionality back.

  • I just tested this on ACF 4.4.2 and WP 4.2.2, an it seems to be working for me.

    Just curios if you also recently updated to WP 4.2 or later and if it stopped working at that point.

    Do you have terms that are associated with this post type that are also in other taxonomies?

    The reason that I ask is that in WP 4.2 shared taxonomy terms started getting split

  • John,

    Yes , I use WP4.2.2.
    No, I don’t use the same terms in different taxonomies.
    I just tested it again on a local install: same problem
    ACF 4.4.0 works OK, ACF 4.4.2 does not load the taxonomy terms in the custom field.

  • It going to be hard for me to help you find the issue because I can’t reproduce it. Have you tried deactivating other plugins on the site or switching the them to the WP default to see if something there is causing the issue?

  • There is another person having this problem.

    ACF 4.4.1 changed the taxonomy field to be ready for the WP 4.2 update

        Taxonomy field: Added compatibility for upcoming 'term splitting' in WP 4.2
        Taxonomy field: Major improvement to save/load setting allowing for different values on multiple sub fields
        Core: Minor fixes and improvements
  • Hi @robruifrokmultiweb-nl

    Thanks for the bug report, Can you please elaborate a bit more on the issue?

    If you use the taxonomy field to select terms, doe sthe value save as normal?
    Is it only when you select terms outside of the taxonomy field that the field does not show these new values?

  • I’m running the website This is directory of courses for physiotherapists. Once every month I upload a set of new courses as a concept using Really Simple CSV Importer. The custom post type and custom taxonomies are created using Types. Up to ACF 4.4.0 the uploaded taxonomy terms were reflected in the custom taxonomy field.
    In 4.4.2 the oploaded terms are not reflected in the cutom field. When I tick one ore more terms in the custom field, these are saved on publication or updating the post.

  • Hi @robruifrokmultiweb-nl

    Thanks for the info.

    Yes, in a recent update, I changed the logic so that the taxonomy field will only save selected terms. This is different from the previous functionality which would also load terms connected to the post..

    The reason for this change was to allow sub fields to select different sub fields but allow them to save all selections to the post.

    Perhaps I should add in an extra option for taxonomy fields to allow them to ‘save’ as well as ‘load’ terms based on the post. Yes, I’ll add this in to the next version

    For now, can you change your code to not use get_fields (to get the post’s terms), but instead use get_the_terms WP function?


  • Elliot,

    Thank you.
    I can live with 4.4.0 for now, awaiting the next version.


  • Having the same issue.
    It was working but stopped.
    Save Terms works.
    Load terms do not work.

    I am using version 5.9

  • Yes, I agree that this is no longer working.

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