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Load pre-defined values for fields?

  • I have an options page where the customer can choose colors for his layout:
    load presets

    Now i would like to add some kind of “load color preset” like shown in the image. Any idea how to do this?

  • You would create acf/load_field filters for each of the fields you want to preset the values for.

    The example shows how to set ‘choices’ but it can also be used to set any of the values of a field.

  • Hi @herrfischer

    Hmm.. I suppose you could do this by adding some custom JS to the page.

    Basically you’ll save some site meta information containing these default presets (in wp_options).. perhaps that’s something you should do on activation of the theme but I leave that up to you.

    Then, when a person clicks one preset button you run some javascript that does an ajax call and fetches the preset information (get_option()). Then you’ll simply input those values into the input fields within ACF using javascript..

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