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"Load more" for repeater field

  • Hi,

    I have repeater field with f.e. 30 entries. I would like to show only 10 entries in frontend and load 10 more after pressing “load more” button. How can i make it work acf?


  • Hi @mariol

    It’s not really an issue of ACF but rather general PHP and JS in your theme.

    Simplest solution would be to initially show only 10 and hide all other. Then use JS so that when one clicks the load more button you show the next 10.

    A more advanced and sophisticated solution would be to just load the first 10 and use AJAX to load the next 10 with each click.

    In any case this goes outside of support for ACF I’m afraid and it’s too much work to give you whole code snippets.

    Hopefully you can build something on your own with the suggestion I’ve given 🙂

    Best of luck!

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