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Load JSON Filter

  • Loved this function, I’ve built this in my theme before I found it in documentation.

    I missed one thing! Most of the time I create a form on my local copy to test some idea, but do not import it to the working copy. With the Local JSON I can make these imports much easier, but I can’t export all the forms to the theme.

    As I save the form, ACF export the JSON file, I need some filter to check witch form can be exported. Maybe a Filter to let me make this programmatically, or another field on the Form Settings section “Local JSON: [x] Yes, please!”, visible if the local json folder is available.

  • The same field on settings could be done to Synchronized JSON option too. Or maybe join both in a single select option like:

    Local JSON:
    – Yes and Synchronize (private => false)
    – Yes but don’t Synchronize (private => true)
    – No (do not export)

  • Hi @edir

    For a feature request, please open a new ticket here: That way, your request can be passed directly to the plugin author.

    Thanks 🙂

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