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Load images into Gallery in code

  • I’m slightly familiar with the load_value filter, and using it in the functions.php file. I’m using the filter now to compile a lot of data, and then pre-populate a wysiwyg field upon a form loading in the frontend.

    Can I do this for a gallery too?

    I would like to query the posts and find images that are attached, and then pre-populate the gallery field with these images.


  • Yes, you can do this. In the load value filter for the gallery field you would return and array of attachment IDs.

  • Thanks John! I knew that, but your message sparked me to look from another angle!

    I had this:
    $value = array(array('ID' => '253'), array('ID' => '170'));

    But, it should be this:
    $value = array('253', '170');

    Used this full function:

    //IMAGES field
    	function load_team_summary_images( $value, $post_id, $field ){
    	    global $allUpdatesImages;
    	    $value = $allUpdatesImages;
    	    return $value;
    	add_filter('acf/load_value/key=field_564900d0c98d1', 'load_team_summary_images', 10, 3);

    Works perfectly. I am attaching the images (from a Gallery field) to the post, so I used get_attached_media('image', $oUpdateID); with the post ID to get all the IDs of the attached media.

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