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Load fields in front end form

  • Please, help, how to dynamically load fields in front end form (or update front-end form)?…

  • Hi @trasyhoob

    Your question is to vague for me to answer correctly.

    Can you please elaborate?


  • Hello, I have a number of taxonomies, frond end ACF form and html-select of this taxonomies. I want to load group of fields which match selected taxonomy dynamically… (via ajax)… how i can do this…?

  • Hi @trasyhoob

    Just to clarify, are you saying:

    You have a front end form for editing a post. When you select a taxonomy value for this post, you would like ACF to load in any new field groups which now match (like in the wp-admin)?

  • I’m trying to do something similar I think. I need to insert a new post on the frontend. I’m doing something like the following:

         'post_id'=> 'new',
         'field_groups'=>array(123, $AllFieldgroupsAssignedToThisPostType)

    How can I get the field_groups assigned to the post type?

  • Hi @wullaski

    This is possible by running the ACF location rule match functionality based on the current screen.

    something like this should work:

    // get field groups
    $filter = array(
    	'post_type' => 'post',
    	'post_id' => 0
    $field_groups = array();
    $options['field_groups'] = apply_filters( 'acf/location/match_field_groups', $field_groups, $filter );

    Note: this is based of the api.php -> acf_form function and has not been tested

  • Worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.

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