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Live edit update 2.1.0 bugs

  • Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for the update to the Live edit plugin.
    Since updating it’s broken a few things.
    Haven’t done a whole lot of testing with it to figure what’s going on but here’s a couple things that seem to be happening.

    1. On pages with several live edit buttons all but one have disappeared. So on a page where I had about 7 edit sections, now only one is showing.

    2. On the one edit screen that is showing, all the fields work fine except for the first one, which has no title, or field instructions.

    Like I said, only just picked up on it this morning after updating, but thought I better let you know.

  • I’ve had a better look at what’s going on and i’m guessing it’s a CSS issue.
    Here’s a couple screen shots

    Issue 1. Top field gets cut off in edit screen
    Issue 1 on edit screen

    Issue 2. Edit button not being displayed.
    I had a better look and realised the edit buttons are being placed on top right corner of the screen, with multiple buttons overlapping each other. The only time this doesn’t happen is when I wrap the edit button in a column div.
    Issue 2 edit button

    Any thoughts on what’s going on here?

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