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Listview mode acf gallery

  • Hi Elliot,

    First of all thank you for the acf plugin. I love it!
    I always use it for my projects and it is the best wordpress plugin ever.

    I’d like to display a specific gallery with the listview mode on wordpress backend.

    I was able to set it up for all of my galleries simply by adding “listview” on css inline ( class=”acf-gallery listview” ) on “gallery.php” but I’d like to set the listview mode only to a specific gallery.
    listview button

    I also set my gallery in order to attach a link by backend.
    No problem with it, all works great but I’d also like to display the link property on listview as the other properties ( Title, Alternate text, description, caption ).


  • Hi @Fibiuz

    Thanks for the question.
    Currently, the gallery field is in desperate need of an upgrade and it will soon have one!

    i am currently working on a whole new design for the gallery field with a simple way to click through and edit image data like the popup WP media library.

    For now, I don’t have much of a solution for you, but please be patient and enjoy the gallery update over the next few months.


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