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List All Sub Fields in a Repeater or Flex Field

  • Is there a way to list all sub fields in a repeater field or a flexible field? It would be great to know this as there is A LOT that can be done programmatically. With this information.

  • Hi @chriscarvache

    You can just do this:
    $repeaterfield = get_field('repeaterfieldname');
    and it will contain all the sub fields as an associative array .

    That should do it for you 🙂

  • I tried this and just get the word “Array” instead of my list of [repeated] fields for that Post.

    Here’s what worked: using the examples found on this page:

    I created the following code that checks my repeater field for that Post and if it finds rows, list (wrapped in li tags) each row. I only have one field (subfield) per row, so my example is very basic….if your rows contain tabular-style data with more than one field per row, you’ll have to more closely follow the examples from that page.

    Here’s my code that works:

    <?php if( have_rows('room_types') ): ?>
        <?php while( have_rows('room_types') ): the_row(); ?>
            <li><?php the_sub_field('room_type'); ?></li>
        <?php endwhile; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Hopefully this will help. 🙂

  • @trisham

    What you’re doing is not the same as what @chriscarvache is looking for tho.
    And fetching the repeater field into an array does work, I’ve done it many many times 🙂

    However I might have to explain it with a bit more code:

    $repeater = get_field('repeaterfieldname');
    //make sure atleast 1 row exists
    if( $repeater ){
    	/* $repeater contains something like this, where each inner array represents a single row.
    		[0] => array(
    			'subfield1' => 'value',
    			'subfield2' => 'value'
    		[1] => array(
    			'subfield1' => 'value',
    			'subfield2' => 'value'
    		[2] => array(
    			'subfield1' => 'value',
    			'subfield2' => 'value'
    	foreach( $repeater as $row ){
    		//$row now contains all the subfields in this row of the repeater..
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