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Linking Images to Color Picker

  • I’m working on a website, where clicking a colour swatch will change the colour of the image displayed.

    Essentially I need to upload a series of images with a colour attached to each image. I figured I’d use the Image/Gallery field for my images and the Color Picker field to achieve something like this – would this work?

    Does anyone have any suggestions how best to go about something like this?

  • Hi @realph

    You can create a field group containing your color pickers and use the location rules to attach the field to attachments.

    Now when you upload / edit an image, you can select a color. Perhaps you may want this to be a select field instead of a color picker to simplify the possible values saved.


  • Hi @elliot, first and foremost I’d just like to once again, thank you for making the most badass WordPress plugin I’ve ever used – ACF never ceases to amaze me!

    When you say create a field group, do you mean like this?


    That’s still a pretty arduous process to get those items in there. I’m all for making things a tad easier on the backend.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

  • Hi @realph

    Your screenshot shows a repeater field, this is different to a field group.

    A field group is where you edited the repeater field, and added it to a post_type via location rules.

    I think your current setup with the repeater field is fine as long as all you need to do is loop through the images and output the color in a simple manor.


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