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  • I have a CPT (Locations) and a group of text fields the admin fills out such as [venue name], [town], [city], [postcode].

    My question; is it possible (within the standard ACF UI) to make the venue name a clickable link on the frontend that links to the related post?
    Or would this require some PHP?

    Sorry if this is a really basic question and i’ve missed something obvious.

    Appreciate any help.

  • This would require PHP code, not only to create the link but to determine what post is related to the value in the text field. It’s not possible to figure out how to do this with the information provided. How would a related post be determined based on the value of a text field?

  • Ok so at least I haven’t missed something obvious, thanks.
    I’ll look into how I can achieve it with PHP then.

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