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Link to Page WPML problem

  • Hi there, after activating WPML i have a “loading” problem (attached) on a Link-to-page field. This is a sub-field of a repeater field.

    EDIT 1: This seems to be caused by “duplication”, in-fact if I change these field to text-field i can see wrong ID (ID of the other language pages) but it causes select to not-work.
    EDIT 2: Even changing field name problem stil exists.
    EDIT 3: Same problem with relationship field. Problem seems caused by AJAX.
    EDIT 4: Problem still exists while creating new fields.

    WPML Version is 3.3.3

  • The problem was a bug with WPML 3.3.3, they now fixed it with 3.3.4 version (see attached changelog)

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