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Link or URL field not shown in elementor dynamic tag

  • I extended the posts with BUSINESS PHONE (Text Field), BUSINESS WEBSITE (link Field), BUSINESS HOURS (Test Area Wysiwyg)

    In my loop template the LINK Field will not display in the dynamic acf field key in the drop menu. I also tried it using the URL Field and it also does not work.

    see this video showing the issue

    What can I do to resolve this?

  • I too am having this problem.

  • same same. I’m not sure if it’s an Elementor thing or ACF? Look like it’s been reported on the Elementor github issues.

  • As @vitamin suggests, I think this is an elementor issue

  • I was able to solve the problem (with help) by doing the following:

    1. Use text field instead of URL in ACF and
    2. In Elementor, in the URL field, use that text field

    Link to FB thread:

  • Just a little off topic, but I don’t use URL fields much. I basically always use a text field. URL fields are too limiting. I want to allow users to enter any valid href value, so I use a text field and then add custom validation to to it.

  • I had this issue and i figure it out.
    The text block on Elementor won’t work for ACF url fields. What you need to do is use a title bock instead. Put the tittle you want and select the custom field for the url on the url field on the title block.
    Hope you could sove your problem, the only thing is that it wont show the link, just the title but clickable to the custom url fiel.

  • Yes, this is strange. There is no way I can see to display the contents of the URL field using Elementor, I can only use it as the link url for some other text or field. Strangely limiting. And also makes it harder to not display if the URL field is empty. Will try just switching to using a text field for urls.

    ACF 5.9.5
    Elementor 3.1.4 (+ elementor pro 3.1.1)

  • I just realized that we can only use URL Field rather than Link Field for elementor Dynamic Tag. I think it’s because the “Link Field” ACF already serve by elementor when we use Dynamic Tags with Internal URL, I don’t know, maybe, IMOO.

    But again, I think it’ll be great if we can use Link Field and choose the output Link URL not array on Link field, maybe we can have same result as URL Field, maybe.

  • A link field saves an array of values (URL, Text, Target), a URL field only saves the url text.

  • I have the solution

    1. Use element Heading instead of Text Editor.
    2. Set the property “HTML tag” = “p” instead of “H1” in the settings section for the Heading.
    2. Element Heading has the “link” attribute that can link to ACF URL


    This is not so user-friendly, but it is.

    The main problem is that ACF-type “URL” works only with the “Link” attribute of elements in Elementary. You can check any Elementor’s element that has a “Link” attribute, for example with a Button or Video – and this works fine.

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