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Link Field: select attachment

  • Hi There,
    I’m currently developing a site with a lot of PDF’s to be downloaded by the user.
    I’m implementing the ACF Link Field but noticed the pdf attachments do not show up in the ‘Or link to existing content’ search section.

    Is there a way to make attachments available as link target?
    And if it’s possible maybe even filter the results on mime type?

    Any help would be appreciated!


  • ACF uses the built in WP Link input. As it happens there is a closed ticket for this here

    It seems that there is no plan to add this. In the ticket there is an explanation of using a filter to add attachments to the list.

  • That’s exactly what i was looking for!

    Thanks a bunch
    (and apologies; i somehow didn’t register the fact that it’s a WP thing, not aCF)

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