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Link-Field not working in Safari and Firefox

  • Hi,
    we just realized that the link-field doesn’t work in Safari and Firefox. We testet with the PRO version 5.9.2 and 5.9.5.
    Chrome ist fine.

    The problem:
    click on the link-field, link popup opens, selecting a page and pressing the insert link button… and then the popup closes but thats it. no value is added to the link-field.

    anybody else with this problem?

  • I just noticed that I have the same problem. But only in Safari. 🙁

    ACF version is 5.10, and WordPress 5.8, by the way.

  • Huh, strange, I just tested it again and now it works. Could this have been a network issue? Is there any AJAX action performed when selecting a link? But then again, why would it work in one browser and not in another? Very strange. 🤔

  • hi, my bug wasn’t a bug in ACF. I was a problem in our theme.
    I am pretty sure, that ACF isn’t the problem. Change your theme and then test again.



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