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Link Custom Field Groups?

  • I have a field group that consists of a single Flexible Content field. This field has a number of layouts, each with an identical set of Select fields that have the same Choice values. The problem is that this becomes more and more cumbersome to maintain the more layout variations I create. If I wanted to modify one of those Select fields I’d have to modify it in every layout individually as opposed to a single location.

    Is there a way to link groups so that I can create a single field group of Select fields and just “include” it into the Flexible layouts? I suspect that there isn’t as I haven’t found anything about it but I wanted to be absolutely sure.

    Right now, I found a roundabout way to do it by creating a custom Option admin page with a Reapeater field to build the values then using an ACF filter to inject the Choices in as the custom field loads on the Post admin page.

    While that does work, it’s a lot to have to write a new filter/function for each set of fields I want to be easily maintainable/editable. Thank you.

  • Hi @wc_jim,

    Thanks for the post.

    This is not yet possible with the plugin but I have submitted a feature request to the plugin author and hopefully this will be added to the plugin’s development roadmap.

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