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Limited preview images for gallery

  • I am showing an ACF gallery on my page.

    I am then using a plugin (meow gallery) which then adds a lightbox function so when you click one of the images it opens in a lightbox and you can then click through all the images within the lightbox.

    However some of these galleries have around 60 images and I don’t want to show all the image thumbnails on the page, I only want to show 9 image thumbnails which will be the best ones.

    What I am trying (and failing) to achieve is this (image link)

    This particular example has 6 images, but there will be 9.

    So when they click one of the preview images, a lightbox will open and they can slide through the 9 images. I am happy if this also includes ALL the images (in addition to the 9) in the lightbox if that is easier, but I only want 9 preview images to show.

    Then if they click the button, the same lightbox will open with all the images. The purpose of the button is really just to indicate that there is more than 9 images. It would make more sense if the initial lightbox gallery only showed 9 and the button showed them all but I think I’m asking too much.

    The lightbox only showing 9 previews is the most important thing so any help would be amazing. I thought it would be fairly simple but I just can’t get it to work and I am getting a little desperate!

    Some of the methods I have tried already are here

    Thanks in advance

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