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Limit of number of fields?

  • Hello, i am still new to ACF. I’m trying to make an interface that allows the designer to select the number of rows and columns in a grid style layout and then have that layout display content specified in a text field and text area where they can edit. My questions are:

    Is the Flexible Content Field plugin able to meet my criteria? I know it can add rows but can it also add columns?

    If i do purchase the Flexible Content Plugin can i use it with my free theme?

    Also is there a limit on the regular number of fields that can be added in custom fields because it will not let me add more than 39 fields.


  • Hi @tanghe

    Any premium ACF add-on can NOT be included in a free theme. You can learn more about this here:

    It is possible to add a ‘column’ sub field to each flexible content layout so that you can add in each column and specify the width as you go.

    There is no limit in ACF, but all servers have a limit of how much data they can save in one go. Please search this forum / google for max_vars and you will find some interesting threads.


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