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Limit image height in a repeater page

  • How can I limit the size of these picture in this repeater code? I want to limit the height of the image. Most code examples I can find are modifying the url of the image html code, but in this repeater code in the page there is no html.
    I tried adding to the div style max_height:150 and it does limit the height of the div, but it crops the picture. I’d like the picture resized to fit.

    [repeater staff_listing]
    <div class="alignright">[if field=picture][field image=picture][/if]</div>
    <b>[field name]</b>
    [field title]
    [if field=email]<a href="mailto:[field email]">[field email]</a>[/if]
    <div style="clear: both;"></div>
    <hr />
  • You need to do this with CSS, how you would do so given what you’ve shared I can’t say

    .selector img {
      height: 100%;
      width: auto;

    That would limit the image to the height of its container, alternately you could limit the image itself

    .selector img {
      max-height: 150px;
      width: auto;
  • Ya, but how do you apply a css to code like that when its not html and more program code

  • Like I said, I don’t know. Something is producing html code for the site, whatever that code you are creating is for. I would start by looking there and the documentation for whatever you’re using, what the code you posted is for.

  • I see what you mean now. That is not part of ACF. I see now this is allowed due annother plugin

    It enables you to put acf content in a page or post

    I’ll look further there, thanks

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