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Licensing Question re:TGM Plugin Activation

  • We have a theme that we use internally for all of our WordPress sites, and I plan on adding the TGM Plugin Activation library to it in order to automatically install all of the plugins we regularly use. For plugins not in the repository, we would include the plugin archive in the theme, and it will be unzipped and installed after the theme is activated.

    Down the line, when our theme is more complete, we may wish to sell it. We would remove most of the auto-installed plugins at that point, but the theme options are reliant upon ACF and its add-ons. I know we’re allowed to bundle add-ons as part of a theme in Lite mode, but I’m not sure if including them with the TGM library is acceptable, since they wouldn’t actually be part of the theme.

    I like the idea behind using the TGM library, as it would allow users to easily keep ACF and its add-ons updated, but it wouldn’t be too big of a deal to include them in Lite mode instead. I just wanted to see what’s acceptable before implementing it one way or the other.

  • also curious about this, thanks for asking.

  • Hi guys.

    This is totally fine, but please read over the guidelines here:

    Basically, you need to make sure the update script is removed from the plugin if you intend on selling / distributing it.

    Whilst it is internal, you may keep the update script active.

    Does this help?

  • how does one remove the update script?
    Is it enough to delete acf-remote-update.php?

  • Hi @jplew

    The repeater / flexible content are yet to recieve an update including a removable update script.

    However, the gallery field and options page have one.

    In these add-ons you can just remove the acf-gallery-update.php file and all will be well.

    The repeater / gallery add-ons include some code in the plugin file which includes the old updater class. This code needs to be removed along with the old acf-remote-update.php file.

    Hope that helps


  • ok great, will keep an eye out for those updates. Thanks.

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