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license key problem

  • hello

    I am new webmaster of wp site that uses the acf pro plugin
    I don’t have the license key
    and the old webmaster does not have it and does not have the registration details
    so now I have this plugin and I can’t update it because of him

    Can you tell me if there is a way to get this key from the server database or file?
    I look on wp-config and didnt find it there
    I also browse couple of database tables and didnt see it

    please advise

  • You can’t get the key from anywhere. You will need to buy/register. If it were me I’d have the client buy a single site license to it belongs to them.

  • I will ask questions related to this problem.

    I am using ACF PRO, but I can not update from WordPress.
    The license key is activated by building the first WordPress.

    According to the manual, if activated properly, it recognizes that the word “update now” is displayed on the plugin list screen, but it is not actually displayed.
    Also, assuming that the activation is not done correctly, I entered the license key again, but it says that it is activated like already attached file.

    How do I display “update now” and update from WordPress?

  • Although it is a postscript, the update setting screen of ACF PRO is like this.

  • If you enter a license key and it is valid and you click the active button then the key will appear in the box after activation, something like this


    If you have a valid license and you are having problems activating please submit a support ticket here

  • I have a same problem, the staging environment that i am working on, which i want to push to live, does not have a license key. While the live one has it. However i can’t retrieve it from the live site. Anyone can help?

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