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Let users add to select field choices

  • Hi!

    How can I make my members add choices to the select field themselves without them messing in my ACF field groups?
    Is there a neat option for this or something?


  • The simplest way to approach this would be to associate the select field with a custom taxonomy, which users with appropriate privileges could add to.

  • Thanks for the reply! that works great, however, im unable to print the custom taxonomy name, how can I achieve this in my template?
    right now I have this: <?php the_field('manufacturer'); ?> and it will print the cat id

  • You need to edit your field and change the return value from Term ID to Term Object, and then you can get the name from the object like this.

  • thanks!
    I now put this on one line in order to echo a part of an url:
    <?php $term = get_field('manufacturer'); if( $term ): ?><?php echo $term->name; ?><?php endif; ?>
    Is there any way to shorten the code any further? I just need the taxonomy name.
    for example, would it be a problem to pull the “if” statement out?

    Thanks a lot!

  • If you make the field Required, then you can do away with the if statement completely <?php $manufacturer = get_field('manufacturer'); echo $manufacturer->name; ?>. Otherwise you can shorten the notation a bit like this: <?php $manufacturer = get_field('manufacturer'); if( $manufacturer ) echo $manufacturer->name; ?>. If you’re doing more than just echoing the name within the statement then stick in curly braces.

  • That being said, when I tested this just now it always returned an array of objects (as taxonomies are inherently multi-selectable even if you only actually give the option to select them using radio buttons) necessitating a foreach loop, but if your example code worked for you then clearly I’m setting my test up differently from you.

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