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Let user choose from 3 different styled image-posts

  • Hey folks.

    I tried to find a solution in the FAQ and the documentataion but did not get it.

    My problem:
    I want my customer to choose from 3 different styled image-posts.
    a) image fullscreen,
    b) image centred, background white or
    c) image centred, background black

    I made a field group with 3 different image-fields. Then I styled the image fields with css and javascript.

    I almost got it, but then when I changed the image in the post, the old one remained. So I assume that I got something in my code not right.

    How to I get to my goal in the easiest and clearest way. Any suggestions or examples?

  • I’m not sure if I’ve understood your requirements, but it might be that you could add a radio button option to select the image styling.

    You might, then, just need a single image field and set the output styling based on that selection. Or if the image fields have different requirements, eg, min size, then you could show / hide the image fields based on the radio button selection.

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