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Legal requirements when packaging ACF w/ a theme

  • I’m packaging ACF and 2 premium add-ons with a premium theme that I’m developing…

    In what theme files do you require the licensing information – stating that the add-ons are not to be used or distributed outside of the theme – to appear?

    Many thanks!

  • Hi @bradwiatr

    Please first read these 2 articles:

    Currently, you can only package the options page and gallery add-ons. The repeater and flexible content field add-ons will soon receive an update with the remove-able updater script.

    A simple message in your readme.txt file will be suffice.


  • Elliot,

    Thanks for the quick response. I had already read the 2 articles you listed above and successfully implemented lite-mode (thanks for making it simple!).

    I want to clarify the legal issue: You are stating that it is NOT within the scope of the license to package the repeater and flexible content field add-ons with my theme at this time, correct?

    My framework is currently ready for release, but I obviously want to make sure everything is legit. Do you have an estimate of when packaging these add-ons will become possible? Is there any other option for me short term until the add-on updates are made?

    It might be worth noting, that I’m selling my framework as part of an education package that includes a seminar. I’m not sure if it would make distribution legalities different, but it won’t be available for sale on sites like Themeforest or WordPress.


  • Hi @bradwiatr

    Time frame for both repeater and flexible content is within 1 to 2 months.

    For now, you could modify the existing add-ons and remove the functionality which creates the update class. You will find the code quite easily in the main plugin file.

    As long as there is no update functionality, I’m happy for you to include all add-ons in your theme


  • Awesome… before closing this I want to confirm I’ve done the right thing:

    I’ve removed:
    include_once(‘core/controllers/upgrade.php’); from acf.php

    Does that cover it?

    Thanks again!


  • Hi @bradwiatr

    Thanks for clarifying. No, that is not correct.

    It is not the core/controllers/upgrade.php file which is the issue. That is fine as it is the core free plugin.

    The update files which need to be removed are those found in the 4 premium add-ons.

    Remove these to stop users obtaining free add-on updates.

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