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Layouts lost with duplicated flexibles

  • Hello,
    I’m using flexible field to make a custom builder for my client :
    One group field called “Page Content” contains one flexible with 10 layouts and many fields inside these layouts. The layouts correspond to my custom builder sections.

    As I wanted to allow my client to use the same sections in pages with custom templates, I’ve duplicated the group field called “Page Content” in “Lodge Page Content” (for example) and only changed 2 things : location of course, and min value for certains sections to force the custom design that I have made.
    But the problem is that sometimes, it looses some layouts. Just after the duplication, I’m changing all the names of the fields in the new flexible (the keys must be different of course), I save it and oops, my new flexible has lost 3 layouts ^^
    I work locally with Wamp and ACF Pro.
    My idea to solve the problem is to stop using interface, and duplicate the first group PHP generated code, and change the values in it : change names and keys (field_59fc74d640d25…). But I’m not sure about it.

    Thanks for any advice 🙂

  • Hello @wax,

    have you excluded server-side problems? It could be related to the PHP settings.

    SEE: limit-number-fields

    Greetings contex

  • Thank you. I’m a little overworked but I’ll see quickly if this information helps me. Anyway thank you I did not know this information.

  • you can test something similar:


    max_input_vars = 20000
    suhosin.get.max_vars = 20000 = 20000
    suhosin.request.max_vars = 20000
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