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Layout of Fields within Custom Post Type Admin?

  • So, I have a bunch of different groups of fields I’ve added to a custom post type. Everything appears for entry just fine, except that there are just lots and lots of long rows for each different item. Is there a way to format these entry areas so that they appear in columns? Can I choose this somewhere within the Custom Fields creation area? My client feels overwhelmed seeing all these individual rows that have to be filled out. Psychologically, it’ll feel less intimidating if there’s a way to set things up differently.

    Thanks in advance.

  • There are tabs that allow grouping fields wich can make it better, so only fields that have a similar purpose are shown. In ACF 5 you can specify a width in % for each field so that some of them will show in columns, but this only works for top aligned labels and won’t work if the labels of the group are left aligned.

  • I have my sections grouped. What I’m talking about is, for instance, I have two input fields, each for a short number. Ideally these 2 items could appear next to each other instead of full width stacked. No way to do this?

  • That depends on the version you’re using.

    If you’re using ACF 4, no, not really. I’m guessing that if you really wanted to you add custom CSS to the admin to override ACF’s CSS and alter the layout that way.

    In ACF 5 (Pro) there are field width settings for the field width that would let you do something like have each field be 25% and appear next to each other.

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