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Latest update breaks Child page

  • Hi there,

    I raised in issue previously in a bug with the logic when switching a page attribute to be a child page (where the new content appeared, but the logic didn’t apply, so fields that were supposed to be hidden were visible again), located at :

    I worked around this issue, having to edit the plugin to set a timeout to delay the ‘change’ refresh which allowed the logic to reapply, I had hoped this issue would be fixed in the next release.

    However, the latest release totally breaks the ability to apply this page hierarchy logic.

    So for example, if I have a set of custom fields that appear when creating a new page and that page has no parent, by default thats fine (using the ‘is equal to’ -> ‘Top Level page (parent of 0), but in my use case, when selecting the page attribute to be a -child- of a page, new logic should apply, by using:
    Page Type > is equal to > Child page (has parent)

    So we have one set of fields that appear when the page has no children, and another set that should appear when the page attribute is set to a child of another page.

    Previously, this all worked fine, but in this update, this functionality is -totally- broken.

    What happens?
    When I create a new page, my default set of fields attached to the page appear, when I change the page attribute to be a child, the original fields disappear, but instead of the new fields appearing, for some reason the Editor appears (which was hidden), and my new set of custom fields don’t appear at all.

    Can this please be looked at, it’s quite a serious issue for me as this functionality is essential when determing what fields should appear depending whether the page is top level, or a child page.


  • Hi @fpad77

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Can you also attach a screenshot of the entire 2 field group edit screens showing all the fields closed, the location rules and the settings?


  • Hi @fpad77

    I just attempted to recreate the issue, but the ‘child page’ location rule is working perfectly for me.

    I created 2 field groups to match yours, so perhaps there is something else going on which is causing the issue.

    Are you using any code that could in any way interfere or modify the ACF plugin? Hooks / filters?

    You mentioned before, a link to another thread and talked briefly about modifying the JS?

    Perhaps you could create a new blank site to test the location rules to, and then find the piece of code in your current site which is causing the issue?


  • Hi Elliot, I’ve checked this again, and all appears to be fine now! So I’m not quite sure what this could have been, whether its just a case of needing to log out/in after updating I’m not sure. But I’ll keep an eye on it just in case it occurs again and do a full debug if it does.

    Cheers for looking into it though, apologies for the false alarm!


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