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Label not displaying?

  • Hi!

    I inserted the below code to call a button but:
    <div id="affiliatebutton"> <a href="<?php get_field (' affiliate_button_link_url') ; ?>" target="_blank"><?php the_field(' affiliate_button_label');?></a></div

    1. the div appears (empty button)
    2. The box in post back en is present
    3. button stay empty as if label and url weren’t properly called

    This is the website (button next to the “meer weten” one

    Any help much appreciated, thank you!!

  • You’re using get_field() where you should probably be using the_field()

    <div id="affiliatebutton"> <a href="<?php 
      // use the_field() here
      the_field ('affiliate_button_link_url') ; ?>" target="_blank"><?php 
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