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Label Button Text Not Showing in Edit Page

  • I created some sub fields for a project but the “Add Project Type” label button text is not showing on the edit page. I am not sure how to enable the text to show.

    The image on the right shows the text because I had a cursor on it before I took the screenshot.

  • It appears that you have some type of a CSS conflict. I would inspect what CSS is being applied and try to figure out what is overriding it.

  • Thank you for the reply but this is a backend issue so I am not sure the inspect element would be of any help. I opened a support ticket and they got back to me once without any solution. They promised to get back to me again and they never did.

  • I’m not the developer and cannot answer about support tickets. All I can say is that I am not seeing this issue on any of the sites I maintain so I can only assume that this is a conflict with either the theme or another plugin. Both of these things can add CSS to the admin that might affect ACF.

    This is why I would look at the element and see what CSS is being applied to it and from where. Or I would disable plugins and try another theme to see if that cleared up the issue.

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