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Keeping database lean

  • Hello,

    I think it is no surprise that ACF can lead to a lot of db calls, especially if using flex fields as elements for making your own site builder type thing.

    Since the ACF JSON came out things have been better. Also the new link field is great, because before that would be 3 separate acf fields for us (link url, link text, link target).

    I was wondering if anybody could give me any advice for best practices keeping things as lean as possible?

    Specifically are there fields that are more expensive than others? Does Using a repeater make less calls than having the same number of individual fields? If you have a flexible content field with 20 layouts and only 3 are used on a page does it call all of them? Would it be better to duplicate/separate out your flex fields to only contain the layouts for specific pages and assign them to those pages as opposed to all of your layouts in one flex field that is assigned to all pages?


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