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Just a few suggestions for ACF

  • I heavily use ACF in all of my productions. Each time I run into an issue, I note it down. Here are a few of my suggestions.

    1. A way to disable/mute a field.
    We can edit, delete, etc.. a field, but what about disabling or muting a field?

    2. The publish section of the field groups look like a post or page section with the publish button. It would be nice to just show the Update button and delete link, and have it stay in place even while scrolling down.

    3. To Duplicate field groups. Does this already exist?

    4. Keep fields expanded after update.
    When I’m working on a field or fields, and I click update.. the screen refreshes and my fields all collapse. It would be nice to have these left expanded.

    5. A way to be able to copy all field ids.
    This would be awesome. After I complete my large group of fields, if would be nice to see them all, perhaps in a PHP format like:
    $my_field_name_id = get_field('my_field_name_id');
    So I can just copy an paste them in my PHP files…perhap showing the example script of the field type as well.

    6. Instructions, instructions, instructions.
    Perhap a little ?icon that a person can hover to get info about a certain field, in certain areas.

    7. Better way to show Tabs and messages field types.
    Is there a way to make these stand out, or a different bg color. When I add Tab or Message fields, it would be nice to look at my stack of fields and tell where the tabs starts and what fields its place over.

    8. Add a css class textfield to field types.
    Adding a desired class name to a field type.
    This will allow that savvy developer to easy style a field look in the post or page area.

    9. Inactive button for repeater/flex fields.
    In the repeater or flex field types we have the ability to choose a max or min amount of new layers. If I choose 3, and reach the max layers, a pop up shows….
    When this happens, couldn’t this simply show the button as inactive? Perhaps even show the number amount left in the button un “()”.

    10. The ability to add a field group as a TAB.
    Perhaps a checkbox in the options section of the field group that says: Make field group as TAB in the post/page area.

    These are my 10 requests. Anyone please feel free to chime in or if you need me to explain better. And as always, Thank you Elliott for a wonderful plugin!!!

  • 6. Yep. Now you can add instructions, but sometimes this text may be very long and take a place. Maybe add checkbox for “show instructions with icon help” and show tooltip on click.

    7. Look at this thread:

    9. Another idea : create simple row without [add new row]. Sometimes i wants to have 3 inputs next to each other or something like that

    8. I use code for this:

    function my_theme_add_editor_styles() {
        global $post;
        if (get_current_post_type()=='loremIpsum') {
            add_editor_style( get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/loremipsum-styles.css' );
    add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_theme_add_editor_styles' );

    But your idea is very nice.

    11. Collapse field. Not repeater collapse, but maybe panel with collapse option.

    12. [select custom fields values] field? For example. I have custom post A. In this post i have repeater AR. Now on other post type i want select (or something like post object) with values from AR

    13. Better layout for tabs (not when create fields group but when edit page). Now when i have lots of tabs, layout is broken.

  • Number 5.

    Addon to show all field variables of your field groups!

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