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json updated and sync

  • Hi, i´ve opened a ticket for this, i recived quick reply from James (thank´s James), but do not know how where that ticket is to reply there. So, here i´m asking same thing.

    I have in my theme the acf-json/ folder, once i save a field group, the json files is created. I tried to manualy change things on the file (via text editor), like the group name. But once i save (text editor) it and return to acf->admin, i don´t see changes on the field group (that´s ok), but also i do not see that group as sync available.

    I´m using since long time the sync feature to keep my local and production fields syncronized, everything is ok, but i belive i could even create a json file completly manualy on any text editor, i´m wrong?

    What i´m doing wrong?

    The thing comes when i try to use “private” as true for some groups, but i was unable to do that since no sync is available, and of course, once i save the gruop (wp admin) json is replaced/updated. So that part works.

  • Try altering the “modified” value at the end of the file. That is a timestamp that tells ACF when the file was update. You probably only need to add a few seconds.

  • Oh!!, can´t belive i didn´t notice that 🙂
    Thanks so much John, working!

  • Honestly, it was a guess, so I’m glad it worked for you

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