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JSON Sync "private": true overwritten on group save

  • Hiya,

    I think this might be a conceptual thing rather than a bug exactly, but it’s regarding the "private": true flag in the JSON sync process. I was assuming I could add it to a JSON group file and then whatever changes I made to that group would not be synced wherever I pushed that file. It seems that instead the flag is lost whenever the group is updated as there’s no front end reflection of the flag and the acf_prepare_field_group_for_export() doesn’t currently get any info about the existing export file.

    I’ve currently added a filter to add the value back in whenever those specific groups are exported, but it seems to me that conceptually the flag should remain by default.

    Whether this means checking for the flag when the group is exported (I guess modifying acf_prepare_field_group_for_export()) or having a front end checkbox I don’t know, but it would be great if there was a way of keeping a group out of sync without having to add the key back in each time.

  • Also it seems that rendering ACF forms on the front end will pull fields from JSON files irrespective of the private flag and sync status. I would expect the private flag to prevent that behaviour – does that make sense?

    Ultimately some way to completely exclude certain groups from sync would be useful.

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