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Json response for gmaps

  • Hello, when I insert a map the result is different from just latitude and longitude.
    This makes it impossible to trace the map.

    It looks like this:
    custom_fields: {
    location: [
    “a:3:{s:7:”address”;s:53:”Av. dos Autonomistas – Vila Yara, Osasco – SP, Brasil”;s:3:”lat”;s:11:”-23.5340383″;s:3:”lng”;s:11:”-46.7833038″;}”
    address: [
    “Av. dos Autonomistas – Vila Yara, Osasco – SP, Brasil”

    Some help?

  • Not exactly sure what you’re looking for help with.

    The value that you gave is how ACF stores the value for this field. This is not a JSON value, it is a serialized array. You can get more information on this by starting here

    The value stored by ACF is used to display maps on the front end of the site using the documentation here

    Not exactly sure what it is you’re trying to do. If you explain more I might be able to provide more help.

  • Sorry for my English. Can I change so that the output is not serialized? Is it just the numbers of latitude and longitude?

  • Still not exactly sure what you want to do.

    How are you getting the value that’s been save to the ACF Map field?

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