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JS hook when changing taxonomy

  • When assinging/changing taxonomies and categories to a post ACF will recheck which metaboxes needs te be visible or hidden. This is needed because some metabox groups are conditional to certain taxonomy settings. Great function!

    I developed a small plugin where i can organise metaboxes (not only ACF but all metaboxes) in a tabs above the post title. I init the JS script for this plugin on document ready.

    But when assinging/changing the taxonomies for a post ACF will reload the metaboxes and my plugin will not working anymore. I searched the ACF JS sourcecode in acf-input.js and tried multiple JS hooks. But none of them works. I tried the ‘refresh’, ‘show’, ‘hide’ hooks. But i think none of them is called after assinging taxonomy.

    What i need is a JS hook where i can re-init my plugin after ACF has reloaded the metaboxes.

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