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JS Errors with ACF + Timber

  • I’m hoping someone may have an idea of why this is. I’m working on a website that has been built with Timber, and when the Timber WordPress plugin is activated it breaks ACF and shows a number of error messages in the javascript.

    I have attached these.

    I have updated ACF and Timber both to the latest versions, and this has not fixed the issue either. Unsure if this is due to the underlying code that’s been written, or something I haven’t thought of.

  • It looks a script is not loading correctly. This can be caused by a corrupt minified script. A quick test is to If the issues go away then one of your scripts is likely corrupted in some way and needs to be reinstalled.

  • It worked! I had no idea this function existed… do you mean a script in ACF or in WP?

  • Turned out it was a plugin causing it to break! Called ‘Advanced Floating Content’ in case anybody else runs into this issue!

  • The issue could have been caused by almost anything. When you use SCRIPT_DEBUG this causes WP to load all dev versions of scripts instead of the minified version. Sometimes when uploading minified JS files to the server through FTP long lines in them get truncated which corrupts the files. Doing what you did simply confirms this has happend but there isn’t a way of knowing for sure exactly what script was corrupted. The hard part is figuring out which one. When FTPing JS files you need to set your FTP client to transfer them as binary files and not text. However, sometimes this does not work because your host/server may override this and treat all .js files as text anyway. The easiest way to correct the issue is to reinstall WP and/or plugins.

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