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It would be nice to have……..

  • It would be very nice to have something called perhaps, ACF Code Helper.
    It can be box attached to the sidebar on the group fields area of advanced custom fields.

    Every field name would appear in this sidebar box, in a list, making it easy to copy and paste php code into template file.

    Example List would look like:

    $acf_name_field = get_field('acf_name_field');
    $acf_type_field = get_field('acf_type_field');
    $acf_phone_field = get_field('acf_phone_field');

    You can even have tabs at the top of the box: The Field | Get Field
    which will change the php list to the_field

    This will make for faster development in ACF I think.

  • I started working on this addon!!!
    I’ll be done today!

  • Addon to show all field variables of you field groups!

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